Thursday, September 18, 2014

Like Mother.... Like Daughter?

This is Moe Moe. We took her in when she was in need of a home and I could tell you all kinds of wonderful things about Moe Moe but this post is not about her. It is about her daughter, Nazareth - and maybe my catmint.

When we got a call that Moe Moe's daughter needed a home, we didn't hesitate. She was Moe Moe's daughter - our granddaughter! We were going to pick her up.

We were told her name was Nazzy, which I did not like at all but she was likely too old to change it. Dogs are easier that way, they don't care what you call them. A few days later, we found out it was Nazareth, which I like much better.

This is Moe Moe's daughter, Nazareth. Turns out it didn't matter what her name was because I almost exclusively call her 'fat girl' or 'baby girl' because she squeezes herself between me and the keyboard and coos at me which of course necessitates that I talk baby talk to her.

Miles alternately calls her 'fat girl' or Garfield because she has a lot of very Garfield-like attributes. Every once in a while, one of us will call her Nazareth just so she doesn't forget her name.

In reality she is a dog-like cat. She does not care what you call her. She will sit with you when you sit, follow you when you move around and talk to you the whole time. We have all experienced the joy of having her here and only the catmint has suffered. All the cats like to roll in the catmint patch but none of them can flatten the middle of it in quite the same way. The catmint patch has been in this spot for 11 years and has survived many cats. I would not be surprised if I have to buy catmint to fill in next year. She is worth the effort though.

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