Linda's Garden

My garden is in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia - an urban zone 6a garden tucked away on a dead-end street. With few neighbours and woods surrounding us, we don't get many garden admirers but we like the privacy.  My gardening partner is my husband Kelly. He makes the holes and I fill them. (Which is another way of saying that he does all the really hard work!)

Our south-facing lot is 75' wide and 130' deep with tall mature trees on three sides. Because we garden right to the curb, we've 'added' another 20' to the lot. We have a double garage which is great for storing all our gardening tools but takes away valuable garden space. Now that most of the lot has been hardscaped, Kelly has started to extend our garden to the woods at the back.

View pictures of my garden on Flicker or visit my Gardening Journal blog.

Have a Bright Day!