Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Days End

The daylily are finishing here. A lot can be said about 'Stella D'Oro', much of it not nice. I regularly talk about how reliable she is but the other great thing about her is that she is long lasting. The first daylily to open in my garden and still going strong today. Through the bloom times of all the others, she is still blooming strong with the last of them.

I would love to divide and move her to spread around her good cheer but my Stella is interplanted with

'Autumn Red' and separating them seems like a challenge for another year. Maybe I will just move a patch and see what I get. Plant it somewhere where it won't matter if it is both... or either.

I don't have a favorite new one this year because there are so many new ones that are stunning. But if I was forced to pick a favourite, I would have to consider the unknown red from Heike's garden.

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