Danielle's Garden

Boardwalk Garden
We are on 20 acres in the Qu'Appelle Valley near Lumsden, Saskatchewan, putting us in zone 3. There are lawns, fields, roads and a few buildings on our property and my gardens are scattered throughout. Although I have been known to draw the odd map of single beds, I have no sketch of the entire property or where any of the gardens are in relation to each other, the buildings or the roads. The only hint can sometimes be found in the garden name. The boardwalk garden is close to the house at the back deck and is so named because the boardwalk running from the drive to the deck runs along side the garden. I would call my garden style - relaxed. I never plan an entire space. I build as I go and don't think much beyond the next space dug or the next plant coming in. There is a lot of sun and a lot of shade so my choices are almost endless. Only my zone limits me and I sometimes push that.

The Nursery
I love gardening in the valley. We are protected from the worst of the weather up top and the views are amazing. We have our challenges with overflowing spring rivers and an abundance of wildlife but we encourage that with our bird sanctuary garden. It does mean the kitchen garden needs fencing but I am finally solving that this year. I have photographs of the new kitchen garden to look forward to next year and although I know exactly what I am planting in it, it may come down to a coin toss as to where I dig it.

Sun Gardens
My garden is a rural cottage garden. The majority of plants grown here are scented perennials. Although some of the plants were chosen for a specific look in the garden, most of them were chosen for scent and suitability for cutting. I grow flowers to bring inside all spring and summer. Even more of them were donated to me. The beauty of space is that every other gardener I know brings me their overflow. It has helped me expand my gardens more quickly and is very much appreciated. There is nothing as exciting on a summer day as a friend showing up with a box of divisions and a couple hours to have coffee and chat while we determine where we should plant them all!

Combine Garden
I am also a huge fan of containers and have them everywhere. I try to turn everything I touch into a container somehow. I add new containers every year. They are a big part of my art collection.

Container Gardening
My blog is a way for my family and friends from away, to keep up with my family and my gardens here. I share my gardens and family celebrations through my photographs there. Please feel welcome to visit my blog or view more of my garden photographs.

Happy Gardening !